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Women’s History Month: Celebrating the Women of EMS, Part 1

March is Women’s History Month and here at IMPACT EMS, we will be highlighting the work of a small handful of women who have blazed trails in the field of EMS.  First up: Marie Marvingt, a world class multi-sport athlete, aviator, surgical nurse, and all around badass. She was the third woman IN THE HISTORY […]

Sudden Ambulance Death Syndrome

Stay and Play We’ve all had those critical patients: the ones circling the drain when we show up who bring the “pucker factor.” As EMTs and paramedics, our first reaction is to “grab and go” and get that patient to the familiar environment of our ambulance. It makes sense, right? That’s our office, all of […]

Well-Being is Well-Meaning

Well-Being is Well-Meaning Well-Being Sounds Nice. Evidence shows that employees who participate in Wellness/Well-Being programs have reduced lifestyle diseases, reduced stress, and improved overall well-being [1,2,3]. You might also find Wellness topics on the interwebs, but when you read the advice and suggestions you quickly realize that Well-Being is Well-Meaning but translates poorly to EMS […]

A Day in The Life of a Flight Nurse

A Day in The Life of a Flight Nurse My mind wanders as the hum of a far off helicopter waxes and wanes in the distance. The action is hard to make out from where I sit next to the water, a pale blue pool shrouded in snow, but the echo of rotor blades slapping […]

Recertifying Your BCEN Certifications

  Having an advanced certification in your specialty is a high accomplishment, and it probably took you quite a bit of studying, nail-biting, and nervous diarrhea to get through the exam. Don’t be a silly goose and wait until the eleventh hour to try to scrape together your CEUs to recertify, or worse, force yourself […]

A Tale of Two Flight Paramedics

I’d like to tell you a story of two Flight Paramedics who recently re-certified their FP-C. The story will revolve around two FP-C. Flight Paramedic one..who we will call FP1 and Flight Paramedic two…who we will call FP2. Here is what you need to re-cert your FP-C in a nutshell: Retake the written certification examination […]