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Refund Policy

Last Updated: October 11, 2023


The refund policy, in effect, requires the calculation to be performed on the requirements of the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET), and the calculation method more beneficial to the student will be used:

  1. The school will retain an established registration/application fee of $200 if the applicant cancels past the fifth business day after submitting the application. A registration/application fee is any fee the school charges to process student applications and establish a student record system.
  2. If a student cancels his or her enrollment before the start of the training program or is a no-show, the school shall refund the student all the money the student has paid, less the $200 registration fee.
  3. If an applicant is not accepted for enrollment by the school, a full refund of all monies paid will be made to the applicant.
  4. If a student withdraws or is removed by the school after the start of their training program, the following refund table will apply:

    • Students who have been enrolled for less than two (2) weeks will receive a refund of 90% of the tuition total.
    • Students who have been enrolled for more than two (2) weeks and less than five (5) weeks will receive a refund of 75% of the tuition total.
    • Students who have been enrolled for more than five (5) weeks and less than ten (10) weeks will receive a refund of 50% of the tuition total.
    • Students who have been enrolled for more than ten (10) weeks will not be eligible for any tuition refund.

If the school terminates the training program agreed upon in the enrollment agreement, the school shall refund the student all the money the student has paid.

If a refund is owed, the school shall pay the refund to the person or entity who paid the tuition within thirty (30) calendar days after (a) the date of cancellation by a student of their enrollment, (b) the date of termination by the school of the enrollment of a student; (c) last date of an authorized leave of absence if a student fails to return after the period of authorized absence; or (d) last day of attendance of a student, whichever is applicable.

A student’s attendance period must be measured from the first day of instruction as outlined in the enrollment agreement through the student’s last day of attendance, regardless of absences. The period of time for a training program is the period outlined in the enrollment agreement.



At any point, you have the authority to cancel your in-person event or course through our website or by reaching out to our dedicated student services team at 

The window for refund eligibility closes precisely thirty (30) days from the event’s start date. While we will accommodate your needs, a non-refundable processing fee of fifty ($50) dollars will be retained from your registration fees.

Beyond this critical thirty (30) day threshold, regrettably, we cannot entertain requests for full or partial refunds stemming from customer-initiated cancellations. However, within seven (7) days before an event’s start date, you can reschedule and attend an available course at an alternate location, subject to availability. You can initiate this process by contacting our student services team via email at, by phone at 877-3389-8040, or through our live chat feature on our website.

If you initially registered for a review course, you also can transfer your registration to our online review course. If you encounter difficulty finding a suitable in-person alternative for your review course, please know that our student services team can initiate a transfer to the Online Review Course on your behalf.



Impact EMS Training policy is to provide a full refund to a student who has registered for a CAPCE F3 self-directed E-Learning course and has yet to complete it within the one (1) year period the course is active in the student’s account.

The student must contact the School’s office by email at or phone 877-389-8040 to request the cancellation and refund.

The refund will be paid within thirty (30) days from the date of the request.

A student is not eligible for a refund if the course has been completed and a certificate of completion has been issued.



Any items that need to be shipped from Impact EMS Training to you are categorized as physical merchandise. This category encompasses various items, including but not limited to books, t-shirts, and more.

All physical products are sold in their current condition, and we do not accept returns for them under normal circumstances.

If you encounter any defects in the craftsmanship of these tangible items, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll arrange for a replacement item.



Once a digital purchase is made, it is considered final, and we do not offer refunds for any digitally downloaded transactions.