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“Excellent critical care education provided in an easy to follow and interesting format! Highly recommend Impact EMS Training for your education needs!!!”

Richard Steel

About This Course

Earn twelve (12) CAPCE-accredited CEUs while mastering the assessment and treatment of traumatic emergencies. Course is designed for those preparing for their Certified Tactical Responder (TR-C) and Certified Tactical Paramedic (TP-C) examinations.

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Are you gearing up for the IBSC Tactical Paramedic or Tactical Responder Certification exam and looking to sharpen your skills for real-life scenarios?

Tactical Medical Provider is your comprehensive guide, meticulously designed to prepare you for the challenges faced by TEMS providers. Taught by seasoned Tactical Paramedic Mike Carunchio and K9 Emergency Care expert Rick Maricle, this course equips you with the expertise needed when serving as a paramedic attached to a SWAT unit.

From navigating high-pressure situations to providing critical care in the field, the knowledge and skills gained in this course are invaluable. Whether you’re preparing for certification or seeking to enhance your tactical medical proficiency.

Join us and transform your preparation into action-ready confidence. You’ll be ready to face any scenario with precision and composure.


Modules cover Tactical Foundations and Roles, Phases of the Tactical Environment, Basic SWAT Concepts, Trauma Care and Medical Emergencies in the Tactical Environment, Responding to Mass Casualty Events, and K9 Emergency Care.

  1. Tactical Medical Provider offers education in a straightforward, digestible format that can be completed on the go.
  2. Mike and Rick are experts in their fields and strive to make course content engaging.
  3. Earn twelve (12) CAPCE-accredited CEUs.

Included With Enrollment

  • Twelve (12) CEUs
  • Downloadable certificate upon completion of the course
  • One (1) full year of course access
  • Downloadable resources

High Quality Education

  • Our education team is comprised of professionals from HEMS, 911, hospitals, fire departments, and critical care teams nationwide. This enables us to offer diverse perspectives in our educational programs.
  • Impact EMS believes in quality, accredited education you can access anytime and anywhere. Our captivating and relevant content will keep you current on all industry best practices.
  • Never worry about manual reporting again! All Impact EMS courses will automatically sync with CAPCE so you can focus on what matters.
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Tactical Medical Provider



CAPCE Accredited

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course intended for?

We developed this course for everyone interested in taking or preparing to take the International Board of Specialty Certification (IBSC) certification exams.

This course is approved for the Certified Tactical Responder (TR-C) and Certified Tactical Paramedic (TP-C) examinations.

What topics are covered in this course?

This course covers the following topics broken down into individual modules to make learning fun.

  1. Foundations of Tactical Medicine
  2. The Role of the Tactical Paramedic
  3. Phases of the Tactical Environment
  4. Basic SWAT Concepts
  5. Trauma Care in the Tactical Environment
  6. Medical Emergencies in the Tactical Environment
  7. Responding to Mass Casualty Events
  8. K9 Emergency Care
Can I use this for my continuing education?

Impact EMS Training’s courses are all CAPCE-accredited. Meaning they have been reviewed and approved by CAPCE as meeting their standards for quality and relevance to the field of EMS.

This course is approved for twelve (12) hours of continuing education for your recertification.

How long do I have access to my courses?

You will have access to this course for one (1) full year, 365 days, from the date of purchase. You can complete and review the education within that window as often as necessary.

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Training A Team?

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