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Women’s History Month: Women in EMS, Part 3

This month we took a look at Marie Marvingt, a pioneer in HEMS and a woman who helped create pre-hospital medicine in the early 1900s. We also featured Dr. Erica Carney, a bold woman making EMS a better field across the Midwest today. For part three, we will shine a light on the woman who is going to shape what EMS looks like tomorrow: YOU. 

You are her!

You are the woman that is smart enough, strong enough, and you care enough to make our field better. 

You are going to apply for the leadership role you thought you’d never be qualified for. You are going to sit on the committee that rewrites the game plan for your agency. Did you know that men typically apply for jobs when they have 60% of the qualifications whereas women do not apply until they meet 100% of the qualifications? Think about all of the missed opportunities because we just assume that we are not qualified! 

You are going to identify what makes you put your feet on the floor every morning and you’re going to funnel that passion into greatness. 

You’re going to stand arm-in-arm with your sisters and cheer for them when they succeed and lend them your shoulder when they hit a bump in the road. You’ll buy the Costco-sized bag of dark chocolate chips to keep in the glove box of your rig for the hard days. “Be the woman who adjusts another woman’s crown, without telling the world it was crooked.” Too often we find ourselves competing with our female counterparts in an attempt to get ahead. Now is the time for all of us to work together! 

WE CAN DO THIS, but only if we do it as a team.

We’re looking at you too, gentlemen. You are here to back your female coworkers, to put an end to the far-too-prevalent sexism and harassment that has plagued our field for decades. Shout out to the supportive men who recognize the valuable contributions women bring to the table.

Ladies, LET’S MAKE HISTORY! It is time for us to take command of our careers and industry and go offensive, into this fire together! 


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