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Advanced Ambulance Driver

If you have ever thought, man, those Ambulance Drivers are COOL,  I wish I could be one.   Are you tired of being called ‘just’ an Ambulance Driver?   Well, we have the course for you! Now it’s time to show people you do more than drive the ambulance with our all-new course!   Who […]

Obtaining Your FP-C® Certification

Table of Contents The Flight Paramedic-Certified (FP-C) credential is a specialized certification for paramedics who provide medical care during air medical transport. Earning your FP-C certification is a challenging but rewarding achievement that demonstrates your advanced knowledge and expertise in flight and critical care transport. It can also increase your job opportunities and earning potential […]

Coffee Pot Knock Out

Recently an American Airlines flight was diverted from its LA to DC flight path to a rapid descent, action-packed landing into Kansas City. A 6’3” 240-pound man assaulted a flight attendant and then attempted to open the cabin door, which would have depressurized the plane and likely ripped the aircraft to shreds, killing everyone on […]

The IKEA Model – Mentorship & Success

Guidance, leadership, influence, role model, and experience. We could go on with what the characteristics and benefits of a mentor are. These words define the qualities of a good mentor. The true purpose of a mentor is not to be a cheat sheet to success. A good mentor is there to assist you with the […]

Buyers Market

You overhauled your resume, applied for every flight job in a 100-mile radius, studied until your eyeballs fell out of your head, nailed the written exam, and rocked the scenarios like the amazing medic/nurse that you are. Now comes the easy part, right? The interview. By this point in the hiring process, you have demonstrated […]

10 Pathologies To Know in Transport

Do you have an interview for a flight paramedic or flight nurse position coming up in your future? Have you prepared for the dreaded “clinical scenarios” you’ve heard rumors about? I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 flight interview scenarios you are most likely to see, as well as the most critical pathologies you […]

How NOT to be an A**hole Paramedic

The Top 5 Ways Not to be an A**hole Paramedic: 1. Dealing with other agencies We’ve all been there. We’ve arrived on scene only to discover that other first responders (firemen or police officers) arrived first. While this isn’t typically a problem, occasionally, it can cause issues. Part of the problem can stem from other […]

Failing to Succeed

Failing to Succeed By Chelsea Epling, RN, BSN, MCCN, EMT-P Many times in life we fail. We fail a test, we fail at a relationship, we fail to reach a goal, we fail to lose weight, sometimes we fail to wake up on time for work. What I’ve come to learn, is that the only […]

Hands Down, Our Best Tool

Whether you work in the back of an ambulance, a helicopter, or a hospital, you likely have many tools to assist you in assessing and treating your patient. Tools such as monitors, a stethoscope, dopplers, thermometers, ultrasound units, glucometers and iStat machines, TOCO monitors, and endless imaging devices. Healthcare has created advanced technology for looking […]

Women’s History Month: Women in EMS, Part 3

This month we took a look at Marie Marvingt, a pioneer in HEMS and a woman who helped create pre-hospital medicine in the early 1900s. We also featured Dr. Erica Carney, a bold woman making EMS a better field across the Midwest today. For part three, we will shine a light on the woman who […]