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Advanced Ambulance Driver

If you have ever thought, man, those Ambulance Drivers are COOL,  I wish I could be one.


Are you tired of being called ‘just’ an Ambulance Driver?


Well, we have the course for you! Now it’s time to show people you do more than drive the ambulance with our all-new course!


Who needs patient care when you can drive fast instead!? Patient care is so 2022. Stay up to date with the most recent and best practice diesel medicine.


Course Outline.

  1. Driving Tutorials:
    1. Drive-thru Height Tutorials
    2. Backing Without a Spotter
    3. Can You Squeeze?
    4. Clearing Right
    5. Siren Mixology & Air Horn Usage
    6. Lights Only Response
  2. Getting Calls Upgraded to ALS
  3. Loudspeaker Etiquette
  4. Stretcher Lessons 101
    1. Put Your Butt in The Crack
    2. Couple of Bumps
  5. Bonus Lessons:
    1. Forgetting the Bags
    2. Due Regard Doesn’t Actually Exist: Bust Those Red Lights Sally
    3. Overstocking




  • No CEUs
  • Infinite course access
  • All online and self-paced continuing education
  • Optional livestream (VILT|F5) sessions
  • Does not meet any actual standards


Accepted by:  Absolutely no one!



Happy April Fools, Everyone!


This course is not real! Please aspire to be more than ‘just an ambulance driver’ and always use good judgment when caring for patients or behind the wheel. 🙂


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