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Complacency is a Death Sentence

by Chelsea Epling, BSN, RN, MCCN, EMT-P Scenarios You’re in the ICU, on shift 4 of 4, you’re tired, your patient assignment has been less than ideal this week. Alcohol withdrawals, overdoses, getting kicked at, screamed at and occasionally spit on because the patient doesn’t like being attached to every cord and IV line you’re […]

Recertifying Your BCEN Certifications

  Having an advanced certification in your specialty is a high accomplishment, and it probably took you quite a bit of studying, nail-biting, and nervous diarrhea to get through the exam. Don’t be a silly goose and wait until the eleventh hour to try to scrape together your CEUs to recertify, or worse, force yourself […]

NREMT Recertification Rodeo

NREMT Recertification. License Fees. Ugh. Just the thought of recertifying gives me a headache. But, if your work requires that certification, or if you want to transfer your license to another state easily, it is a necessary evil that occurs every two years at the end of March. NREMT actually has a pretty good website […]