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Confirm Student Information
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Review Terms & Conditions
Step 3
Choose Payment Option
Step 4
Review Registration Info
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Review Registration Info

We've received your information and are processing your enrollment documents.

Here's what is going to happen next.

  1. Your registration information will be reviewed by our enrollment specialists. You may receive an email from our team if they need additional information to help with this final step. Please take this time to whitelist emails from to ensure your spam filters don’t send communications to your trash or junk folder.
  2. An enrollment agreement quote will be emailed to you. This will detail the course information and payment option you have chosen and include a place for you to e-sign confirming the information is correct. Once you e-sign that document the payment link will become available on that document and allow you to finish your payment to complete registration.
  3. Once registration is complete, we will assign an instructor to you (typically within 3 business days).
  4. Once assigned, your instructor will issue your first assignment in your welcome email labelled, “Why do you want to be an EMR?” located under chapter 1 in your classroom. Once this is completed and submitted, we will ship your books to you. They typically arrive in 4-7 business days.
  5. Once your books arrive, you can begin working your way through the online course work.
    • Read Textbook.
    • Complete all assignments by chapter.
    • Listen to Pre-Recorded Lectures for each chapter.
    • Study and prepare for quizzes.
    • Take Quizzes
    • If there is a section test posted under a chapter, it will cover all previous chapters in that section. Be sure to take the section test before moving on to the next chapter.
    • Work your way through the chapters until you are finished, and then you will be able to take the Final Exam.
    • Quizzes get 2 attempts with grades being averaged between the 2 attempts. You do not have to take the second attempt if you are happy with the score received.
    • Section tests and Final Exam are 1 attempt.
    • Make sure all assignments are completed.
    • Memorize EMR Skill Sheets located below calendar in classroom.
  6. You will need to find your own AHA Providers CPR course and upload your document into the appropriate place. If you are having trouble locating a class please let your instructor know and they can recommend some online options.
  7. Once you have completed all of the above, email or call your instructor to let them know you have finished the course work so they can ship your equipment for the Hands on Training sessions that you will do with your instructor by webcam for course completion. Your instructor contact information can be found on your welcome email.