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Obtaining Your CFRN® Certification


The Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN®) credential is a specialized certification for nurses who provide medical care during air medical transport. Earning your CFRN® certification is a challenging but rewarding achievement that demonstrates your advanced knowledge and expertise in flight and critical care transport. It can also increase your job opportunities and earning potential as a flight nurse

Here is a brief introduction to how to obtain your CFRN® certification.


  1. To be eligible to sit for the exam, you must hold a current, unrestricted Registered Nursing (RN) license.
  2. The BCEN® recommends two (2) years of experience in your specialty. However, that is not a requirement for exam eligibility.

Exam Cost:

  1. Initial Exam Cost – $370
    1. ASTNA members – $230
  2. Retest Cost – $340
    1. ASTNA members – $200
  3. Recertification – $350
  4. Military – $195
    1. Active, Reserve, and Veterans
    2. Initial & Recertification Costs
    3. Fees can be reimbursed with VA Benefits
  5. Retired Cost – $75

Exam Preparation:

  1. CFRN® Content Outline shows you what topics are covered on the exam.
  2. Flight Medical Provider Course
  3. Additional Study Materials:
    1. ASTNA. Patient Transport: Principles & Practice. ISBN: 978-0323401104
    2. ASTNA & ICAPP. Critical Care Transport Core Curriculum, Second Edition. ISBN: 978-1-7340255-2-1
  4. AAOS. Critical Care Transport. ISBN: 978-1284263084
  5. IA MED. Flight Medical Provider Study Guide. ISBN: 979-8218144173
  6. Lopez. Back to Basics. ISBN: 978-1456862725


  1. Where to take the exam:
    1. Testing Center
    2. Live Remote Proctoring
  2. Important Exam Information
    1. You are allowed/given a whiteboard or blank paper during the exam. At the end of the exam, you must dispose of your scrap paper.

The Exam:

  1. 180 questions
    1. 150 scored
    2. 30 unscored
  2. You must correctly answer 108 of the scored 150 questions to pass the CFRN® examination.
  3. You have three (3) hours to complete the exam.

Time to recertify? We got you covered. Our CFRN® recertification course has the latest information to keep you in the know.

Download a copy of the Candidate Handbook for additional questions and information. 


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