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The IKEA Model – Mentorship & Success

Guidance, leadership, influence, role model, and experience. We could go on with what the characteristics and benefits of a mentor are. These words define the qualities of a good mentor. The true purpose of a mentor is not to be a cheat sheet to success. A good mentor is there to assist you with the […]

Cause of Death: EGO, Opinion Based Psychoanalytical Approach of Ego in Medicine

Jaren Jarrell | FP-C, CCEMT-P, NRP Twitter is the most raw, emotional, and informational social media platform out there. Most of the time, it’s someone arguing over ketamine doses or what COVID-19 treatment is the best based on their political association or opinion. Providers hide behind a pseudonym and post egotistical comments about others downplaying […]

Cause of Death: A Broken Heart…

By: Jaren Jarrell FP-C, CCEMT-P, NRP From country lyrics to inspirational quotes, “dying from a broken heart” is a widespread line. But, who would have thought that you can actually die or suffer from heartache? I am not talking about the type of despair that Spencer and Heidi from “The Hills” caused us in 2010. […]

What’s “BRUE”-ing? Approaching a Pediatric Phenomenon

What’s “BRUE”-ing? Approaching a Pediatric Phenomenon. By Jaren Jarrell You’re 8 hours into your 24-hour shift. It’s been a grueling day and you have hit your critical thinking max. There it is…the tones drop once again! “EMS base, truck 12 respond to a 3-month-old male, reference patient not breathing.” The initial anxiety of a pediatric […]

Bro, Do You Even Clamp?

Bro, Do You Even Clamp? By, Jaren Jarrell FP-C, NRP How many times has a physician or respiratory therapist looked at you curiously while clamping an ETT? I can honestly say for myself, every single time. Then on the other hand the respiratory therapist is rushing to swap circuits so fast, theirs is off before […]

Calculating Pediatric Maintenance Fluids (4:2:1 Rule)

Pediatrics, calculations, fluids, maintenance, hypotonic, isotonic?!?! These words bring on a new type of stress. This stress usually appears while you are handing over $300 and sitting down for your FP-C® Recertification Course | 100 Hour or CFRN board exam. Planning to take one of these certification tests? I can guarantee that you will have […]